A little bit of my last 43 years

On December 31, 1975, around 2 pm I was born in Lima, Peru, I became the third kid in my family but not the last one. I stayed in Lima until I was 25 when I decided to move to the United States to expand my horizons. So I moved to New York City, and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to do this. I instantly fell in love with the city; the captivating people, the enchanting architecture, and the spectacular landscapes hiding just beyond the city’s borders.

At first, I planned to stay only for three years, but then different opportunities and situations made me extend my time in NY. I have been leaving here for 18 years, I don’t regret my decisions but as we sometimes know decisions like this comes with sacrifices like been far from my family in Peru whom I miss every single day.

Moving to NY was not easy at all, but I decided that I will make it happen and 18 years later I can tell you it was worth every good and sad moment. From having a language barrier to get used to a new lifestyle and culture.

My biggest hobby is photography. I had always enjoyed taking pictures and had dabbled a bit in the past, but my passion grew a lot when I moved to NYC. I started working in I.T., which I keep doing until today and through my new friends and colleagues, began learning more about cameras and photography. For me, the most significant thing is letting the picture tell its own story, but of course, I can give you a hint if you need it : )

I do love and miss Peru, but at the same time, I know that NY has become a big part of who I am now. I am Peruvian with a twist of a new yorker for sure a nice mix.